Neo Coolcam Z-wave EU Smart Power Plug (NAS-WR01ZE)

Gestart door Joost, 27 oktober 2019, 09:10:23

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Neo Coolcam Z-wave EU Smart Power Plug (NAS-WR01ZE)

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ON/OFF control
Compatible with 300 series and 500 series
Measuring voltage,current,instant power,accumulated power.
Input voltage:110-250V AC,50/60HZ
Max current:13A
Operation temperature:0-40 degree
Storage temperature: -20-60 degree
US plug:43mm x 43mm x 45mm

Radio Frequency:

EU version:868.4MHz

What It Does

  • Instant Wireless Control: Control lamps and small appliances wirelessly with your smart phone or laptop.
  • Energy Efficient: Monitor energy consumption in live mode or over time. Save on bills and enjoy a more efficient home.
  • Complete Customization: Build your own schedules and events designed around your needs. Use advanced configurations to allow or disable manual control of the plug. Set the timer to turn appliances off automatically.
  • Simplest Set Up: Installation is virtually instant, and a compact size gives full access to the second outlet in a standard receptacle.
  • Stronger Connectivity: Z-Wave Plus provides faster and safer wireless connectivity. The built-in range extender guarantees a stronger network.


Hi Joost,

Deze werken toppppppp heb er zelf 6 hier in mijn netwerk zitten, ook de 86 inbouw aan/uit en op/neer schakelaars hier in mijn netwerk werken perfect, ook op Aliexpress vollop verkrijgbaar  :)

Gr. Peter.